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Links on 9/05/2013

Why Incomes Could Fall For the Next 30 Years | Daily Ticker – Yahoo! Finance. The Myth of Part-Time America – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic. The Real Population Problem | Do the Math. For workers and the economy, autumn

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Links on 9/04/2013

All New Jobs Will Celebrate Labor Day By Laboring On Labor Day. 80% of All Adults in U.S. Face Near-Poverty or Unemployment. Happy Labor Day, in eight charts!. Two charts to ruin Labor Day: US labor is worth less than

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Links on 9/03/2013

Where Labor Day Comes from, and Where It's Headed | Alternet. How Labor Day was hijacked: 5 reminders of the day’s real purpose – The Internet’s next victim: Advertising – No password is safe from new breed of

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Links on 9/02/2013

Fong Qi Wei: “Time Is a Dimension” are photographic collages that mark the passage of time (PHOTOS).. Nearly 20 Percent Of Scientists Contemplate Moving Overseas Due In Part To Sequestration. Paper Versus Pixel – Issue 4: The Unlikely – Nautilus.

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Links on 9/01/2013

Beware of Legal Threats Social Networks Pose | Russ Warner. Russ Warner: Employment-Related Identity Theft Gets Harder. Low-wage Workers Are Older Than You Think: 88 Percent of Workers Who Would Benefit From a Higher Minimum Wage Are Older Than 20,

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